Minimalist Exercise: How To Get Into An Exercise Routine


Believe me, I know – getting into a consistent workout routine can be challenging. We face so many conflicting options on a daily basis that exercise often takes a backseat. Every day, you choose between sleep, work, socialization, eating meals, working out, going to events, etc.

But exercise plays an important role in your overall health and wellbeing, and it deserves a little more prioritization than that. Why?

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Delicious Paleo Tuna Salad with 3 Simple Ingredients


Although I work a full-time job, I bring my lunch to work about 99% of the time. How do I have time for that? Simply, I’m a fan of quick recipes that I can easily throw together in 5-minutes or less. This paleo tuna salad is a perfect example of that.

With only three ingredients, this recipe is incredibly fast to make. Even better – it’s free of dairy and mayo, and yet it’s still super creamy.

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Turning 30: Thoughts, Lessons, & Goals


I just celebrated my 30th birthday this past week. How do I feel? Honestly, I feel lucky.

I feel lucky that I got to start this new year in my life with a few of my closest friends who flew out from the Bay Area, my Dad who visited from Santa Monica, the new friends I’ve met here in Colorado, and my incredible boyfriend who is simply amazing.

I feel fortunate to be surrounded by such smart and inspiring people, who make me want to be better everyday.

But life hasn’t always felt lucky, glowing, or balanced. I’ve faced my fair share of challenges, insecurities, and inner turmoil. And I went through a long, uncomfortable quarter-life crisis.

To be honest though, I truly think that all of these challenges played an important part in creating the person I am today, and I’m pretty happy with how I’ve turned out so far.

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Why I Eat A Pescetarian Diet


Before I dive into this article, I want you to know that this isn’t about convincing you to follow a pescetarian diet. Rather, it’s meant to show you my thought process behind my own dietary decisions.

As I mentioned in my article about the best diet to get lean, there are hundreds of different diets out there, and all of them work for some people.

Finding out which one is best for you takes some experimenting. Here’s how I made my decision to eat a fish- and plant-based diet.

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