I work as the Managing Editor of, a highly effective fitness and nutrition solution that shows you how to achieve your best body. In collaboration with Marc Perry, the CEO & Founder of BuiltLean, I’ve co-created the:

  1. BuiltLean Transformation Program: A 12-week workout and nutrition program designed to help you efficiently shed fat and get lean.
  2. BuiltLean Shred Program: A 30-day workout and nutrition program designed to help you lose the last 5-10 lbs of fat.
  3. BuiltLean Muscle Recipe Plan: The recipe plan that accompanies the BuiltLean Muscle Workout Program, which helps you build lean muscle without adding extra fat.

The things I do as Managing Editor include:

  • Writing & Editing: I edit all the articles (and also write a few of my own articles) for the site, which includes finding (or taking) photos and videos to pull the articles together into a finished product. When necessary, I work with our graphic designers and video editor to edit any photo or video content used in an article. I use basic html in WordPress to ensure that our articles are formatted correctly, and read easily. And finally, I schedule the articles for publishing.I also review and edit, or write, the white papers available via opt-ins on BuiltLean, as well as all copy used on the site.
  • Program Development: I helped create and write BuiltLean’s workout and nutrition programs, including exercise selection and recipe development. Part of this process included writing exercise descriptions & instructions, exercise alternatives, and ingredient tips & substitutions. Our goal was to make all of the recipes adaptable to paleo, vegetarian, vegan, and allergy-free dietary preferences. My (and my housemates’) favorite part of developing these programs was finishing the recipe plans – I prepared, cooked, and photographed all of the recipes in Transformation, Shred, and Muscle.
  • Customer & Fitness Support: I assist with customer & fitness support through Zendesk, managing Level 2 tickets. I oversee our team of BuiltLean Coaches who are responsible for answering our Fitness Support Level 1 tickets, monitoring our Zendesk analytics to make sure we’re consistently exceeding the expectations of our audience. Additionally, I manage the comments and questions we receive on the BuiltLean Site, as well as on YouTube.
  • Social Media: Every time we publish a new article, I share that article on our social media pages – specifically, Facebook and Twitter. Every day, Monday – Friday, I monitor both of these channels, engaging with our audience, answering questions, and replying to comments.
  • Weekly Newsletter: Using Infusionsoft, I prepare our weekly newsletter with our featured articles. This involves writing compelling descriptions, editing images, and adding & checking links to our content.


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