Top 5 Reasons To Eat Avocado Every Day


Here in California, avocados are… unquestioned, transcendent, like daily medicine. I’m surprised the mantra here isn’t, “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away.” And I’m always shocked when I meet someone who says they don’t like avocados (oh well, more for me!).

This fatty green fruit is a great source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and it contains about 20 vitamins and minerals. Here are just a few of the reasons why avocados should have a place in your daily diet:1

Health Benefits of Avocados

  • Phytochemicals That Protect Your Eyes

Lutein and zeaxanthin are phytochemicals in avocado that concentrate in eye tissue and provide antioxidant protection that minimizes damage, even from UV light.

  • Build Strong Bones & Boost Your Healing Powers

Just half an avocado provides 25% of your daily needs of vitamin K (so if you eat 1 avocado per day, you’ve met 50% of your needs for this essential vitamin). Vitamin K supports bone health, plays an important role in blood clotting, and improves your insulin sensitivity.

  • Keep Your Hunger Under Control (& Keep You Regular)

According to the Institute of Medicine, women require 25g of fiber per day, and men need 38g. Just half of an avocado provides 6-7g of fiber, which gets you a good part of the way towards achieving your daily requirements.

Why is fiber so great? It helps balance your blood sugar, slows digestion keeping you full longer, and helps you stay regular (you know what I mean).

  • Support Muscular Function

Did you know that avocados contain more potassium than bananas? This nutrient is critical to the proper functioning of your muscles and cells by maintaining the electrical current in your body.

This nutrient can enhance your muscular strength, metabolism, water balance, and nervous system. If that’s not enough good stuff for you, it also helps support healthy blood pressure levels.

  • Reduce Inflammation & Decrease Risk of Disease

Avocados are an amazing source monounsaturated fatty acids. This is known as the heart-healthy good kind of fat. In particular, avocados contain oleic acid, which has been linked to reduced inflammation and decreased risk of disease.

What Is The Best Type Of Avocado?

There are many varieties of avocado that vary by shape, size, color, flavor, and consistency. Some are bigger and more watery with thinner skin, while others are nuttier and creamier with thick, dinosaur-like skin.

I personally opt for California-grown varieties when they’re available (like Hass avocados), and recently discovered Gwen avocados at my local farmer’s market. I think they’re my new favorite!

Amazing Avocado Recipes

1. Vegan Avocado Toast (Minimalist Baker)

2. Chocolate Chia & Raspberry Parfait (Green Kitchen Stories)

3. Tomato Avocado Caprese Salad (MindBodyGreen)

4. Salmon Poke Bowls (Deliciously Organic)

5. Purple Sweet Potato & Avocado Breakfast Bowl (

I can tell you in complete honesty that I love avocados and eat about 1 whole one per day. Do you have any amazing avocado recipes? If so, please share!

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